mikhail zheleznikov

Mikhail Zheleznikov was born in Leningrad in 1972. Made films for ARTE and YLE, Corona Films, and St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio. Participant and jury member of various international film festivals. His video works have been exhibited at modern art museum Kiasma (Helsinki, Finland), Museum of the Moving Image (New York, USA), The National Art Center (Tokyo, Japan), Kunst Museum Bonn (Germany), Museum of Modern Art Erarta (St. Petersburg, Russia). Since 2011 curates experimental short film competition In Silico at Message To Man film festival. In 2012 co-organized experimental film festival Kinodot. Since 2015 is teaching at St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, since 2016 - in St. Petersburg New Cinema School.


2018 Pebbles (Kameshki), 11 min., DV - 'I often find photos of strangers in the streets...' 64th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany), Nominated for Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award 2017 as Best Media Object, Black Canvas FCC (Mexico), MIEFF (Moscow, Russia), Kasselerdokfest (Kassel, Germany), Anthropologies Numeriques #6 (Paris, France), Riga International Film Festival (Latvia), 37th Uppsala IFF (Sweden), 2 Annas IFF (Riga, Latvia).

2015 Onńe Upon a Time in the USSR (Odnajdi v SSSR), 6 min. DV - Found footage comedy about a brave Soviet scietist, who saves her country from a vicious attack from outer space. River Film Festival (Italy), Kansk Video Festival (Kansk, Russia), Nomination for Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award 2016 as Best Media Object, IFFP (Patmos, Greece), Polytech.Science.Art + Videoformes (Moscow, Russia), ArtKino (Moscow, Russia), Corto Imola Festival (Italy), flEXiff 2015 (Sydney, Australia), ISFF Clermont-Ferrand (France), Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg (Germany), 24th Curtas Vila do Conde IFF (Portugal), 26th MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Festival (Hungary), FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2016 (Spain), backup_festival (Germany), ART FILM FEST 2016 (Slovak Republic), Calgary Horror Con 2016 (Canada), Fantasia International Film Festival (Canada), Timishort Film Festival (Romania), Norwich Radical Film Festival (UK), L’ETRANGE FESTIVAL (France), 52nd Chicago International Film Festival (USA), SHIVERS (Germany), interfilm 32nd International Short Film Festival (Germany), International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers (Estonia).

2014 Reed (Kamish), 4 min. HD - Experimental documentary on transcendental experience of staring at the tall grass. Antarctis (Antarctica) , Festival Alternative Film/Video 2014 (Belgrade), Green-Go Short Film Contest, Sir Charlie Darwin Movie Battle (London), Nomination for Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award 2015 as Best Media Object.

2014 Without Breaks and Weekends (Bez pererivov i vihodnih), 26(40) min., HDV - a documentary about daily routine of the small commission shop. Produced by NordWestFilm for the Russian Ministry of Culture. Salon Internacional de la Luz (Bogota, Colombia), Uppsala ISFF (Sweden), Okno v Evropu (Viborg, Russia), Tartu World Film Festival (Estonia), Saratov Sufferings (Saratov, Russia), Festival Film Dokumenter (Indonesia).

2012 On Pause (Na pauze), 6 min., DV - a documentary about an accidental encounter in the airport. Excellence Award at the 16th Japan Media Arts Festival (Tokyo), nomination for Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Award 2014 as Best Media Object, Now&After 2014, Cross Art festival at Erarta museum (2014), Videonale.15 (Bonn).

2012 Matthiola Smells Like Perfume (Matthiola pahnet duhami), 20 min., HD - a documentary on quiet life in the insides of St. Petersburg. Produced by the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio for the Russian Ministry of Culture. Festival Cine Puebla (Mexico), Artdocfest (Moscow), Tampere IFF (Finland), Antarctis FF (Queen Maud Land, Antarctica), Kansk Video Festival (Kansk, Russia), Swiff (London, UK).

2010 Admiralteiskiy Stories (Admiralteyskie Istorii), 59 min., DV - a multimedia project by Evgenia Golant, Solmaz Guseynova and Mikhail Zheleznikov, comissioned by CEC ArtsLink.

2010 Together (Vmeste), 4 min., HD - a short reflection on lonely dog walking. Cologne OFF 2011, Tampere FF, Hamburg SFF, ISFF Detmold, The Norwegian SFF, Busan IFF, X Kansk Video Festival (Special Jury Diploma), SESIFF (Grand Award), Winterthur, DVD compilation Kurze Hunde released by Bildkraft, purchased by Egoist TV and by ARTE .

2009 Koli 147, 147 sec., mute, DVCAM - a video art shot out of the window in Artists-in-Residence studio. Screened at the exhibition at Kolin Ryynanen.

2009 For Home Viewing (Dlia Domashnego Prosmotra), 29 min., HDV - a story of a young man, growing up in the USSR and Post-Soviet Russia. Supported by Jan Vrijman Fund. Premiered at IDFA. Festivals: ZagrebDox, Tampere FF, Documenta Madrid, Huesca FF, Curtas Vila De Conde (prize Onda Curta), dokumentART, Uppsala IFF, Unlimited, ISFF Of Soria, Tempo, Rooftop Films. Also shown in Tribeca Cinemas (New York) and in the Library of Congress (Washington) as a part of CEC ArtsLink exchange program.

2008 Booths (Budka), 27 min., HDV (transfer to 35 mm) - documentary about the world of street booths in St. Petersburg. Produced by the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio for the Russian Ministry of Culture. Festivals: Dakino, Plus Cameraimage, Bamberg FF, Clermont-Ferrand, Punto De Vista, ZagrebDox, Go Short, Huesca, Harkov Siren (prize for originality and style), Okno v Evropu, Cheboksary IFF, Kratkofil (prize for best documentary), Zolotoy Buben (diploma), Unlimited (second prize), TIFF, IFVA 15 (the finalist of documentary competition).

2008 Timewarp, 15 min., DV - experimental documentary about the last seconds of life. Festivals: 31 Norwegian Short FF, Tehran ISFF, Tampere FF, Antarctis.

2006 Collection No1 (Kollekcia No1), 19 min., 35 mm - a documentary about Soviet childhood. Produced by the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio for the Russian Ministry of Culture. Shown at: Punto De Vista, DocAviv, ZagrebDox, Tampere FF, Message To Man (prize for best short documentary), Festival Of Festivals, 29 Moscow International FF, dokART, Mecal, Winterthur, Warszawski Festiwal Filmowy, Prague Short FF, Jihlava FF.

2005 Good Morning!, You Are Not Alone, 8 Women - 3x2 min., DVD - series of video art works, shot in Azerbaijan. Screened at NEON gallery (Sweden), IZOLENTA (St. Petersburg), etc.

2004 The Flock (Klin), 6 min., DV - experimental documentary about hunting. Screened at OTKAT festival (St.Petersburg), Festival of Russian Art (Berlin), NEON gallery (Sweden), STOY KTO IDET festival (Moscow), ECOFILMS (Greece).

2004 Children Of The Corn (Deti Kukuruzi), 20 min., DVCAM - a documentary about corn campaign in the USSR. Produced by the St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio for the Russian Ministry of Culture.

2003 Valera Elizarov, Larissa Pogoretskaya, Church Bells - 3 x 10 min., Dig. Beta - documentary episodes for  YLE1 and ARTE, co-produced with Corona Films.

2003 Lara, Her Dogness (Ee Sobachestvo Lara), 16 min., DV - a documentary about a lady and her 21 dogs. Screened at Festival der Nationen (Austria), OTKAT (St.Petersburg), KIASMA (Finland), Vidi_Festival (Valencia, 2006).

2002 Tales on the Marshes (Skazki Na Bolote), 5 min., DV - a video-essay on the history of St. Petersburg. Screened at more than 20 international film festivals (Tampere FF, FIPA, Leipzig IFF, dokumentART, Message to Man, etc.), received several awards, incl. the prize for best short film from Bavarian Television at Regensburg Short Film Week 2003; purchased by KIASMA museum (Helsinki, Finland).

2001 Something in the Air (Chto-to V Atmosfere), 51 min., DV - a documentary about foreigners living in St. Petersburg. Screened at Deboshir IFF (St. Petersburg, 2001).

Jury Work

2 Annas (Riga, Latvia) 2017

Minimalen (Trondheim, Norway) 2017

ART FILM FEST (Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia) 2015

BEFF (Russia) 2015 & 2013

Short Waves Festival, Poznan (Poland) 2015

The Norwegian Short Film Festival (Grimstad) 2014

Tromso FF (Norway) 2013

Dokufest, Prizren (Kosovo) 2012

Side By Side (St. Petersburg) 2012

Tampere Film Festival (National jury), Finland 2012

Message to Man, St. Petersburg (Russia) 2009

Festival de Cine de Huesca, Spain 2008

Regensburg Short Film Week, Germany 2007

ROSHD International Film Festival, Iran (Tehran) 2007


2003 Granted with a two month artist's residency in Gothenburg (Sweden) through PUNKT Residency Program by the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA).

2007-2009 Script and project development, production, Jan Vrijman Fund (The Netherlands).

2009 Artist's residency in Koli, at Kolin Ryynanen.

2010 CEC ArtsLink.

Other events and activities

2012 Installation My America in collaboration with Daniel Gallegos in the Museum of the Moving Image (New York, USA), produced by CEC ArtsLink.

2010 Participated in Parallel Petersburg multimedia exhibition comissioned by Anna Akhmatova Museum at The Fountain House .

2010 Retrospective at Tampere Film Festival.

2010-2012 Participated in selecting films for the International competition program at Message To Man IFF, in 2011-2014 curated experimental program.

2004 - 2010 Gave film workshops for school children.


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