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My America (Installation in the Museum of the Moving Image, New York)

Voice Of America about the exhibition (in Russian)

Photos from the event.



Olga Shervud about the results of 10 Kansk Video Festival (in Russian)

and one more.


Admiralteiskiy Stories

Press number one (in Russian).

Press number two.


For Home Viewing

A few nice words by Tue Steen Muller.

Libertas film magazine about the screening in Tribeca.

Voice Of America about the screening in Washington (in Russian).



Ёксперт about the film forum Time to Live (in Russian).


Collection No1

Helsinki Times about Tampere FF 2008.

Interview for Tampere Festival TV 2008.

Interview for Tampere festival newspaper 2007.

Article about films participating in Punto De Vista festival (in Spanish).

Photos from the set.


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